How we can help…

INSET Training days

Inventor club isn’t just for students, we are also able to offer valuable staff INSET and training days. Being a teacher myself and still having to sit through INSET/ TD (whatever your school may call them) days can at times be tedious. We offer the complete opposite by delivering fun, engaging and practical sessions which inspire staff to be creative in all aspects of their working day. 

We tailor the day towards your specific needs and can be arranged for just a few hours or half/ full days depending on your particular focus.

These may include-

  • Design and technology lesson planning/ curriculum design. 
  • Whole staff design thinking and strategy. 
  • Innovation and creativity in the work place. 
  • Delivering the Inventor Club curriculum package.

Curriculum Support

Fully resourced schemes of work

We at inventor club know exactly hard you work and the literal hours it takes to be an outstanding teacher, from constant marking, prepping and planning to parents evening and report writing. It’s a lot!

It can be made even worse if you are thrust into a subject you are not entirely a specialist in, this can create a situation where you are now not only time poor but also lacking subject knowledge.

That’s where we come in!

We have put together a selection of high quality, solution first and well thought out schemes of work that are linked to national curriculum aims.

Every scheme of work is based upon a client with a “Big Problem” that needs to be solved. Wether that is Dave the dragon trainer who can’t feed his pet dragon anymore because he’s too big, or if it’s making an alarm to stop Aaron from eating all of Bens biscuits again! either way the problem is always rooted in context and has purpose.

To accompany every problem is a fully resourced package that includes the following-

  • Medium term planning document, with lesson plans.
  • An original and engaging “Hook” video which outlines the problem.
  • Lesson powerpoint slides.
  • Explainer videos for all aspects of the build.
  • worksheets to accompany each lesson.

To request more information about how we can support you and your staff, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.