We’re back running our Summer Innovation Workshops this July and August. We have one existing workshop and one brand new experience for you to choose from with several dates available too.

Here are the two available workshops, further general details below.

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Course Dates Available

These are no ordinary innnovation workshops!

Not all courses are made equal. This is so much more than just using some fancy technology. The most important thing you can learn is the mindset of an inventor. We’ll teach you how to use these tools to truly innovate, not to just print out other people’s ideas or creations.

Anybody can do a load of tutorials and teach themselves how to run a printer, but WHY? What would be the point of it?

Here’s where our courses are different… Ben has been using this king of technology and design process for over 2 decades making products for some of the world’s leading technology companies. He will help you to apply that process to innovate solutions to problems you might come across in your own life, and in the lives of those around you.

The summer course was so great. My son is still playing with the design tools and enjoying being able to print other things. It’s really helped him become more self sufficient as he heads up to senior school.



What age do I need to be for this camp?

This 3D printing for innovation 5 day course is aimed at young people aged 9 – 18 years. We mix the ages and are quite used to working at different ends of the capability scale.

We will be working on CAD (Computer Aided Design) as well as working collaboratively as a group to identify potential solutions, bouncing ideas off one another.

Whilst there will be an age difference and capability difference in the group we’re very used to balancing the needs of different students, pushing the more capable ones on, and helping the more junior members to get the most out of the session.

How big will the groups be?

The maximum group size is 8 students since that’s about the limit that can sit around Ben’s massive dining table with computers etc. Aaron will be working with Ben so we’ll have a 1:4 ratio to help out where necessary finding bits and bobs or assisting with model making.

Who will teach this course?

The course will be delivered by Ben & Aaron! You can find out all about Ben, his work as an inventor, and his experience teaching children and young people in the launch video from a couple of years back by clicking HERE

We are both DBS checked, first-aid qualified. You can read our child protection & safeguarding policy here.

Do I need any prior experience of 3D printing?

No. This course is suitable for beginners.

If you’ve used a printer before, this course will still be 100% beneficial to you and your journey. I pride my on being able to take anyone with the skills and abilities they have and help push them onwards and upwards. Because we are framing the course all around a problem to solve, it means we can simply add more detail or a higher level of resolution to your design ideas and help you progress to the next stage of your innovation journey.

I’ve already got a 3D printer, is this for me?

Yes! You’ll have a head start that will allow me to help you go deeper and further in your understanding of CAD, part & product design as well as printing itself. I’ve been doing this stuff for a while now so if you’ve been having issues with your printer I can help fault diagnose what’s happening and get you back on track.

You’re more than welcome to bring your printer with you, there’s plenty of space ????

What do I need for the course?

You will need to bring a laptop, mouse and headphones with you on which we can install Fusion 360 and Cura (3d model slicing software). You are welcome to install both programs ahead of time, links to both programs below.

These programs have certain system requirements for your computer.

Check out THIS LINK for Fusion 360.

Check out THIS LINK for CURA. (If you’re laptop can run Fusion, it can easily run Cura.

For context, my laptop is around 3 years old and is more than capable of running the software. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

You will also need a sketch book and pencil and your lunch. I will provide some biscuits and drinks as well as tea and coffee for those adults that want to stick around.

What will I take home?

This depends on the innovation workshops you choose, please check the specific details on each course page. More important than plastic widgets, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the design process and a love for CAD, inventing and problem solving.

If you would like a certificate of completion at the end of this course we can email you one to print – just ask

If you would like to use this course as the “learning a new skill” element towards a Duke of Edinburgh award, please let us know and we will be happy to fill out the relevant paperwork for you ????

Where is it held?

Ben’s house and workshop!! We’ve got a lovely big kitchen with a massive dining table that Ben built! We’ve got plenty of room in the garden with a wonder area to sit and hang out should you want to stick around for the day too. Ben’s workshop is equipped with work benches, an industrial laser cutter and all sorts of hand and power tools too. Students are always trained how to use tools safely and provided adult supervision where required. Click the map below to get a Google maps link.

Is there parking at the venue?

Parking is limited however the brand new pub is just 2 minutes away by foot and has loads of parking. You might also find some street parking too but it’s a new build estate and they barely factored in people having friends!

Can I get there on public transport?

Yes, there are buses running from town to just 2 minutes away by foot (by the pub) Swindon is easily accessible by road and rail.

What about food?

We do not have the option of a catered lunch at this event, so you will need to bring a packed lunch, or alternatively you are welcome to arrange a local lunch via a delivery company such as deliveroo or similar. You can use the fridge if necessary to store your lunch.

Can I stay overnight?

These are non-residential workshops, and we do not have the option of overnight accommodation. However, there are plenty of options locally for accommodation including hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday parks, glamping, and camping! the Cotswold Water park is just up the road along with the Lower Mill Estate. There are tons of hotels in and around Swindon and there’s a premier in just a few minutes away.

Can I be dropped off early/picked up later?

Absolutely! We know that many parents are still working through the school holidays, so they are welcome to drop you off from 8am, and pick you up as late as 6pm. Please get in touch ASAP to arrange this.

Is there anywhere locally my parent/guardian could work while I am busy inventing stuff?

We know that many parents are not able to take the holidays off work, so if your parents are still working remotely and don’t have to physically go to work, but still need to be working, they are very welcome to work from the brand new, very fancy Strawberry Thief Pub. There is plenty of space for parents to work with a laptop, lots of quiet corners for skype or zoom calls/ teams meetings etc. Alternatively we have a large living room and occasionally the weather is nice enough to sit outside.

How much are the innovation workshops?

The course is £225 for the two days which includes all the materials needed, use of our tools and equipment and any filament used during printing.

You can secure you place with a non refundable deposit of £75 or simply pay in full.

Either way please call/message 07515945120 or reach out on social media to confirm your booking using m.me/innovationben

Payment can be made by bank transfer using the following details :

  • Account name Ben Edmonds
  • Acc number 74904825
  • Sort Code 090128
  • Bank Name Santander

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

The initial deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of any balance paid is refundable as follows:

  • 15/07/2024 – 50% refund
  • 19/07/2024 onwards – no refund