What are DT Challenge Packs?

Each challenge pack is a design problem that needs to be solved. It contains instructional sheets to guide your young person along the design process without giving all the answers.

Some packs vary in complexity and also parts required. Be sure to check the innovation and materials ratings for each pack.

What is included?

Each challenge pack will include as standard a digital download of your instructional sheets.

These will be your guide throughout the project. They will include some information around the subject topic, a break down of the challenge, build assistance instructions, how to test your final build and some further challenges.

Some challenges require more specialised parts or components, if this is so, they will be shipped and delivered to you ready to get making.

Examples of challenges include…

Paper Airplane Launchers

Clay LED Night Lights

Self Watering Gardens

Water pistol

Jump of Doom

All Challenge packs will be live and ready for shipping by early 2024.

Keep checking back as we add more and more packs.