This is such a great workshop, it was described last year as being equivalent to 1st prize in a prestigious competition!

Here’s the video from last year which speaks for itself…

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What’s the challenge we’ll solve?

Inventors have to figure out how to collect either ‘refined minerals’ or ‘raw ore’ and deliver them safely across an obstacle course using a modified RC Car! They will design and make modifications to their vehicle in order to collect the items using a combination of CAD, 3D printing and hand modelling.

We will start right from the beginning with nothing but a with a blank sheet of paper and a problem, by the end of day 2 we will have looked at multiple potential solutions and ended up with a fully functioning prototype, which we will test and evaluate.

What will we learn?

This challenge is truly interdisciplinary covering many elements of the national curriculm in just two days. Students will all start with the same challenge but with multiple options of how they go about solving it.

Ben will take them through the whole innovation process that he has used succesfully for years to bring products to life both in his former life at Dyson and whilst working on his own projects in his workshop.

We will cover every aspect of the iterative design process. We’ll look at:

Design skill

  • What innovation means
  • Design mindset
  • How to brainstorm and come up with ideas
  • How to work intelligently to problem solve
  • How to communicate our ideas with others through sketching & presentation skills
  • Prototyping for problem solving
  • How to test and evaluate our solutions
  • The huge importance of failure in the design process
  • Iterations and how to fail forwards
  • Materials and sustainability in 3D printing
  • Using generative AI to create code to control and effect the arduino and mechanical systems.
  • Basic understanding of arduino wiring and electronic systems to operate and control a stepper motor

Hardware skills

  • How to load 3D files into a 3D printer ready for printing
  • How to remove parts from the build plate
  • How to clean up parts and get the ready for assembly
  • How to load materials onto and operate a LASER CUTTER!

Software skills

  • Basics of FUSION 360 (The CAD program we use to 3D model parts)
  • Designing for 3D printing
  • Basics of Bambu Studio (The program that virtually slices the parts to be printed)